Texting While Driving is Stupid!

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Texting while driving is about one of the worse things you can do when driving. It is the major cause of a lot of accidents and I was even involved in an accident that was because a young teenager was texting her friends while driving and ran into the back on my brand new SUV. My Orange County Car Accident Lawyer told me that a lot of young drivers are texting when driving and it is an epidemic in local area. I think that we need more tickets given to drivers who are doing this because it puts everyone at risk. Their eyes are not on the road and they are not concentrating where they are driving. Orange County car accident lawyer dallas attorney dwi

Worn or Defective Tires cause Accidents

Defective or worn tires are another very common problem for drivers to get into accidents and need a powerful and smart San Diego Car Accident Lawyer. If you have really worn out tires and you drive fast or drive in the rain then you have a great chance to lose traction. If you lose traction and hit another car on the road that could be a very bad situation for both parties. I know that a lot of people that get into accidents are injured and have to go to the hospital. This could all be avoided if you would have just spent the money and got some new tires. Most drivers don’t realize how important proper tires and making sure they are in good condition can be to the safety of your family. San Diego car accident lawyer